Timothy Evans, Adlumin SVP, Chief of Strategy and Co-founder

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Adlumin Adds Threat Intelligence Portal to Crowdsource Threat Detection

The platform integrates with the world’s largest crowdsourced threat intelligence platform and sends real-time notifications of potential threats.

Washington, DC. The newly launched Adlumin Threat Intelligence Portal (ATIP) provides powerful new capabilities to the already robust cloud-native SIEM from Adlumin, a cybersecurity company dedicated to defending corporate networks from threats, malfunctions, and IT operations failures. ATIP is a threat intelligence platform that conducts searches across numerous databases, and the world’s largest crowdsourced threat intelligence database – with additional integrations in the works.

“Integrating with our threat intelligence sources enables a collaborative defensive system through community-powered threat data,” said Adlumin CEO Robert Johnston. “With these upgrades, every Adlumin user now has access to crowdsourced threat intelligence from more than 100,000 participants in 140 countries. That adds up to millions of threat indicators daily.”

The portal automatically checks millions of dangerous Indicators of Compromise (IOC) against the IP traffic in your network, providing additional context to make informed decisions about your network’s security, based on similar threats flagged in other users’ networks. It facilitates real-time searches of individual IP address across the three threat intelligence databases, in addition to firewalls, VPN servers, and network security appliances. Users receive immediate notifications of potentially dangerous events. ATIP also allows users to share information about suspected threats with others.

The new platform builds on Adlumin’s existing line of dependable, easy-to-use network protection and breach detection software. Users can access ATIP from the main Adlumin dashboard, where clear, color-coded visualizations aid the user experience.

“ATIP was designed for ease of use. Adlumin listened to customers’ needs and worked closely with them to design this new SIEM feature to further enhance security. Users now have even greater security, visibility, and automated compliance,” said Tim Evans, Adlumin SVP, chief of strategy and co-founder.

ATIP provides financial institutions with automated threat detection at an intermediate level of security within Domain 2 of the FFIEC CAT and ACET. ATIP will automatically provide an organization automated security threat alerts without any work on the part of the protected organization. Plus, the ATIP main dashboard provides a real-time feed with articles from top cybersecurity news and information sources.

About Adlumin: Adlumin is a leading cybersecurity service provider for financial institutions, based in Washington, D.C., serving a variety of global financial sector and government clients. The company was founded under the desire to “add luminosity” to customers’ cybersecurity processes through real-time threat detection, analysis, and response to ensure sensitive data remains secure. The Adlumin team continually evaluates and upgrades its revolutionary, artificial intelligence and machine learning-focused solutions to maintain the advantage over would-be intruders in the rapidly evolving cybersecurity sector.