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Adlumin Launches Patent Pending Core Banking Security Technology Delivering Unprecedented Insight into the Fiserv Spectrum Core

Adlumin is the only U.S.-based cybersecurity firm to directly integrate security software with the Fiserv Spectrum core banking system.

Washington, DC. Credit unions can gain greater insight into their core banking system’s security with new technology from Adlumin, a cybersecurity company dedicated to defending corporate networks from threats, malfunctions, and IT operations failures. Adlumin’s patent pending core banking security software integrates seamlessly into credit unions’ networks and creates the ability to detect issues in real time. Institutions currently do not have that type of detailed visibility into the health of their core banking systems.

“This technology lets credit unions visualize the DNA of their business, including system logs, account privileges, and user activity,” said Robert Johnston, Adlumin CEO.

Adlumin is the only cybersecurity firm in the United States that allows a credit union to integrate its Fiserv Spectrum core banking system with its security ecosystem. The threat detection software monitors transactions, customer data, and other sensitive assets accessible through the core banking system, while maintaining the member services, rapid information transfer, and streamlined workflows available through Fiserv Spectrum.

Core banking systems are traditionally built on legacy technology platforms that are complicated for customers to navigate. They represent a black hole in the present-day security space, which introduces a potentially dangerous scenario. Adlumin’s integrated security solution automatically ingests data streams from the Fiserv Spectrum core. It identifies operational failures or breaches in portions of the core banking system that are neglected due to their complexity and visibility limitations.

This new technology builds on Adlumin’s existing line of dependable, easy-to-use network protection and financial compliance software. It is designed specifically to assist financial institutions with defending their networks while remaining in compliance with all major regulatory bodies.

“The best products are built by the best customers. That’s why the Adlumin SIEM is the leading SIEM for financial institutions – we work with our customers to build a product that meets their needs,” said Timothy Evans, Adlumin Senior Vice President, Business Development.

About Adlumin: Adlumin is a leading cybersecurity service provider based in the Washington, D.C. area, serving a variety of global financial sector and government clients. The company was founded under the desire to “add light” to customers’ cybersecurity processes through real-time threat detection, analysis, and response to ensure sensitive data remains secure. The Adlumin team continually evaluates and upgrades its revolutionary, machine learning-focused solutions to maintain the advantage over would-be intruders in the rapidly evolving cybersecurity sector.