Schedule Your Abakis Demo

Get an exclusive look at key features of the Abakis multi-tenant SIEM platform built exclusively for service providers. Help your customers discover threats, malfunctions, and IT operations failures in real-time and comply in seconds.

What does our demo cover?

  • Next Generation SIEM Features: We will discuss the data management layer, analytics layer, automation/workflow layer, and the user interface layer.
  • Live Monitoring: Learn how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning can provide an organization with added layers of security.
  • World-Class Analytics: Learn how Abakis uses proprietary User & Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) data science to identify, detect, analyze, and prioritize anomalous and malicious behavior in real-time.
  • PCI / HIPAA Compliance: See how financial institutions can comply with the hardest parts of PCI DSS compliance and print reports that mirror log requirements requested by financial auditors.
  • Help Your Customers Be Compliant: Abakis customers can quickly download required data reports and hand them directly to an auditor through our “One-Touch Compliance Reporting” section in the SIEM platform. We also allow users to analyze and answer Inherent Risk Profile and Cyber Maturity Risk questions — exclusive to our platform!


Please contact us before your demo with any questions about the Abakis multi-tenant SIEM platform.